Positive Outlook Over Problems

Minting Soon
9,911 of 9,911 available
0.05 ETH per cute poop


Cute Poops are 9,911 fun-loving beings that have been cursed with a coating of supernatural slime by the corrupt wizard Pandorokus.

Time is running out as their deadly infection of ooze consumes their minds and bodies to eventual destruction into oblivion.

Unfortunately, some Cute Poops are #NGMI unless you save them!

Inside each Cute Poop is a hero with a heart that beats for adventure and a soul that fights for their mantra of POOP.

✨ Outlook
✨ Over
✨ Problems

These genesis Cute Poops NFT characters are an interactive VIP Ticket to an epic and fantastic multi-year journey of magic and mayhem in the land of Nilad.

Your Cute Poop NFT will allow you to:

✅ possess a rare and unique character that makes a fun profile pic, which cannot be taken away from you

✅ co-ownership of unlimited worldwide commercial licensing rights to your character to create your own stories and sell merchandise

✅ secure lifetime access to an exclusive social network

✅ vote on Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) improvement proposals funded by a community wallet

✅ earn Poop Energy Points (PEP), which is not an investment but provides additional utility

✅ periodically claim free (+ gas fees) NFT comic books which will have special utilities (an additional retail value of $100+)

Take the first step in adopting a Cute Poop character that will allow you to make choices and win rewards with your NFT as the story unfolds!

Minting Soon
9,911 of 9,911 available
0.05 ETH per cute poop


Wallet & DAO




Cute Poop Power Punks

When a group of dysfunctional friends at a music festival on the mystical riverbank of Nilad are cursed with a coating of supernatural slime that brutally destroys its hosts, this crew of bewitched misfits must unite to capture the corrupt and hateful wizard Pandorokus to reverse the evil spell that has swept their nation before they and their loved ones dissolve into sacks of sludge.

Are you part of an NFT community that's based on wonderful art, a fun backstory, but is grappling with you to invest your valuable time to create an ambitious narrative?

Unlike other projects that are struggling to create deep lore with their anxious communities, the creators of Cute Poop have already structured out an exciting multi-year storyline!

Our main focus is to create a powerful emotional attachment to the Cute Poop characters through dramatic storytelling with NFTs — interactive art that can be designed to do things such as unlock hidden features at key narrative events or transform over time based on how long you have them stored in your wallet!

The Cute Poop story of magic, mayhem, tragedy, and triumph unfolds in 3 parts:

Part 1
Slime Slaughter

Part 2

Part 3

Owning a Cute Poop NFT will allow you to periodically claim free (+ gas fees) NFT comic books which will have special utilities. This has an additional retail value of $100+.

Minting Soon
9,911 of 9,911 available
0.05 ETH per cute poop






Cute Poop is created.


Comic book series
is developed.


Future NFTs are planned and we
experiment with new design ideas.


Cute Poop story and art
evolve and are refined.


Minting begins.


Work on finishing Cute Poop Power Punks comic book issue #1 to jumpstart this multi-year interactive storyline.


Development of gamifying NFTs to unlock features based on storyline events in future comic books.

Create a reward system for long-term holders and active participants with Poop Energy Points (PEP).

PEP is not a financial investment and has no economic value. It is used for activities in the Cute Poop Universe.


Acquire land in The Sandbox Game virtual world to build the Cute Poop metaverse based on locations featured in the comic books.

This allows us to immerse visitors with our unique and wild vision and increase exposure to the Cute Poop story and our community.

In the future, we'd like to offer Cute Poop NFT holders the opportunity to set up shops, host games, schedule workshops, and organize concerts on dedicated parcels of land just like being a vendor or performer at a music festival!


Deposit 10% of ETH to fund the Cute Poop community wallet to support the DAO, which will increase over time to potentially 51%.

The goal is to start very focused with a core vision and offer grants to artists, developers, and entrepreneurs.

Eventually, we want to become a Decentralized Intellectual Property that expands its content beyond Cute Poop into various media expressions that simply embrace the slogan of Positive Outlook Over Problems (POOP).


Full roadmap unlocks, which includes motion pictures development, an NFT companion project, blockchain character journal, 3D mutation for the metaverse, and more!

Minting Soon
9,911 of 9,911 available
0.05 ETH per cute poop


Ardie Aquino
Artist & Designer

Ardie can be found climbing scaffolding to paint murals on the buildings in Manila, exhibiting his latest artworks in galleries and conventions all over the Philippines, and racing to his local post office to deliver handmade action figures across the globe.

His whimsical style revolves around animated, cartoonish finishes, that embrace humor, and honesty. He has established a career as a graphic artist specializing in illustration, comics, and animation.

Presently, his works circle through different industries such as media, finance, and manufacturing. 

🏆 In 2016, Ardie was selected as a Top-Level Designer in 99Designs, a global creative platform and featured for comic-inspired illustrations.

🏆 Ardie has been a member of the Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas, an organization of professional Editorial and Comic Strip cartoonists, since 2017.

🏆 In 2018, Ardie held a one-man painting exhibit called ”Color Me Not” that shows the lives of people may seem dull and tough, but life is far beyond what our eyes can see.

🏆 In 2018, Ardie was a Komikon Indieket special guest as co-founder and member of the "Gwapings ng Komiks"

🏆 In 2020, Ardie successfully crowd-funded and self-published his Anthology of short comics, “Balik Tanaw.”

🏆 Ardie designed the cover art for the Manila 2050: City of the Future contest held by the Embassy of France.

Sara Robertson
Smart Contract Developer

The government labels Sara as a Shadowy Super Coder. Her colleagues have crowned her as the Crypto Queen. We adore her as the Defender of Decentralization.

She plays VR and likes to chill and vape.
But writes smart contract code just for fun.
For her, it's like being a Bored Ape.
Making NFTs for love in the bull run.

Sara's Projects

🎞️ The [Digital] Archive

✉️ Messages NFT

👍🏽 The Glitches

🤓 Schroot

🎲 Bingo Swap

🗿 Stoners Rock

Eugene Baldovino
Creator & Storyteller

Eugene grew up in San Francisco, matured in New York, sold his soul to Los Angeles, was reborn at Burning Man, and now has a profound desire to leave a legacy minted on Ethereum.

For the last decade, he's been enjoying life as a highly-skilled creative professional on a top-rated television show. Eugene is a creative and powerful storyteller who recently immersed himself in the top 20 self-development books and studied game theory to invent a tabletop time management game.

He persevered through the Crypto Winter of 2017 and his portfolio survived on the HODL strategy.

Hold On for Dear Life.

Later he learned how to analyze bitcoin charts and eventually became obsessed with NFTs early this year.

A proud VeVe OG who embraces his Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult profile pic, Eugene is the spirit guide of Cute Poop.

Eugene created the slogan, "Positive Outlook Over Problems."


Inspired by the work of Murat Pak's social media experience with the Lost Poets NFT project and Wagmi-san's mysterious mint shop that crafts NFTs, Eugene is excited to show how cinematic storytelling and the gamification of NFTs can engage an audience in ways never dreamed of.

Minting Soon
9,911 of 9,911 available
0.05 ETH per cute poop


With over 200 unique hand-drawn character assets and 2 billion combinations we've narrowed down our designs to 9,911 unique Cute Poops.

Most Cute Poops are candy-colored, but some are rarer than others — they are Mythic. During the randomized minting process, everyone has a fair shot at striking gold (and other special surprises).

Rare (60%)

Legendary (39%)
Gold Items

Mythic (1%)
Gold Body

Rare (60%)

Legendary (39%)

Mythic (1%)
Gold Body

Cute Poops make a fun profile pic bursting with personality. Will you find one that connects deeply with you?

Minting Soon
9,911 of 9,911 available
0.05 ETH per cute poop


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